Katie Fry

From a young age, I held a deep-rooted desire to continue my family’s long lineage of service to our country. Although my personal journey of military service did not come to fruition, I have devoted my career to treating our military population.

Throughout my professional journey, I have been highly involved in the American Psychological Association’s Society for Military Psychology and currently serve as the Chair for the Early Career Psychology association. These roles have allowed me to stay connected with the latest research and best practices in supporting military populations.

I have had the privilege of serving the military population in mental health clinics, inpatient settings, substance abuse programs, primary care, and polytrauma units. The opportunity to engage in recreation therapy with Veterans was a significant motivation for me to move across the country with my family.

One of the proudest moments in my career was the establishment of an intensive outpatient program for Veterans seeking substance abuse treatment. Through this program, we adopted an interdisciplinary approach to meet the unique needs of local and rural Veterans, while fostering camaraderie through group therapy. We also incorporated equine therapy, recognizing the profound impact of animal-assisted interventions on recovery.

Aside from my work with Veterans, I am the owner of a private practice, Center for Trauma, Recovery, and Wellness (www.centertrw.com). In my personal life, I cherish the time spent with my family and friends. We enjoy activities such as camping, hiking, and exploring nature with our side-by-side vehicle.

I invite you to join us in our mission to bring meaning and purpose to the lives of Veterans post-discharge. Warrior Revival is a community-driven program, and we value the ideas and input of Veterans themselves. Together, let us build a supportive network that empowers Veterans and facilitates their successful reintegration into civilian life.

Carl Fry

Giving back to the community has always been a priority of mine since a young child. Growing up in England my family was involved with the scouting organization and I was a 3-rd generation member since 6 years old. One of the core values of scouting is to give back to the community, some projects included picking up garbage along hiking trails, helping shoppers bag their groceries, and assisting older adults with simple tasks around their homes. When I was 14, I relocated to New York State with my family. While the adjustment was overwhelming, I attended Boy Scouts of America meetings in NY to continue “giving back” to the community. Before moving away to attend college in New Hampshire, I was curious about volunteering advertisements the local Fire Department posted. Several years later when moving back to New York, I joined our local volunteer Fire Department as a firefighter. Over the 6 years as a member, I completed several state certifications and was awarded with “Top responder of the year” and “Firefighter of the year” awards. As a member of a volunteer fire department you give back to your community daily through responding to various emergency and non-emergency calls but also through education events such as Fire Prevention at schools, smoke detector education for homeowners, or assisting at town events such as firework shows or “touch a truck” events. My full-time job is in IT as a Director of Network Infrastructure for a Global Legal Services company. The skills I have gained over the 10 years include project management, leadership, and technical expertise will be leveraged to assist Warrior Revival. To disconnect from life and recharge, I head to the great outdoors with my family through camping, hiking, riding our SxS, and fishing. I also enjoy cooking meals for family and friends whether it’s Beef Wellington indoors or smoking a 20 Lb Brisket outdoors on the smoker for 18 hours.
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