Warrior Revival

OUR Mission

Our mission is to support and empower current and former Veterans and their families transitioning from the military to civilian life. Through recreation, wellness and therapeutic retreats, Warrior Revival is committed to providing resources, guidance, and opportunities that help Veterans connect with one another, and to civilians. We strive to create a supportive network that fosters camaraderie, a sense of purpose, and to raise awareness of the unique challenges Veterans face in the transition to civilian life.


Organization Strives

Most importantly, our organization strives to connect with other community partners to help bridge the gap between military and civilians. We are dedicated to being inclusive to help meet the needs of all Veterans throughout the state of Utah.

How we got started

Our team is deeply invested in giving back to the Veteran community. Together, we have organized and planned events to offer to our community, and ways to help build awareness of challenges Veterans face that the civilian population may not fully understand.

The process of reintegrating into civilian life after military service is a widespread challenge among service members, often addressed in the VA system as a mental health matter of “adjustment.” Transitioning can be a solitary journey, leaving individuals with unanswered questions about their next steps. Zach and Bryant, along with their supportive spouses, have personally experienced these challenges and understand the importance of finding a path forward. 

Warrior Revival is dedicated to helping Veterans establish a sense of purpose and belonging by fostering connections through engaging activities, mentorship, and therapeutic retreats. Our aim is to normalize and assist in navigating the transition process, ensuring that Veterans feel supported and connected.

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