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At Warrior Revival, our leadership team is a diverse and dedicated group, comprising individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Here’s a breakdown of our team:

Zach and Bryant Jacobs: Retired combat Veterans and brothers, their firsthand knowledge brings invaluable insight into the challenges faced by Veterans.

Sara and Michele Jacobs: As the spouses of Zach and Bryant, they bring a personal perspective to our team, drawing from their firsthand experiences as military spouses. They possess a deep understanding of the distinct challenges faced by those who support their partners in the military.

Katie Fry (Founder): A clinical psychologist with extensive experience in treating Veterans both within the Department of Veterans Affairs and in her private practice.

Carl Fry: With several years of service as a volunteer firefighter in New York, Carl comprehends the distinct circumstances encountered by first-responders.

Together, our leadership team combines their expertise to create a comprehensive and empathetic approach to support our Veterans and the community.

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