Sara Jacobs

Since 2014, I have been an HR professional with a strong sense of dedication and commitment. In my current role as Consultant and HR Business Partner, I work with several clients, providing support in multiple HR functional areas and assisting them in ensuring compliance with applicable federal and state laws.

I moved to the United States in 2013 after growing up in Italy. Before pursuing a career in HR, I had the honor of serving as a Combat Medic supporting a scout team at the esteemed 2nd Alpine Regiment, a specialized light Infantry regiment of the Italian Army renowned for its expertise in mountain combat.  

During my time in the military, I completed two tours in Afghanistan in 2010 and 2012, where I provided lifesaving medical procedures to wounded personnel in remote outposts and clinical settings. It was during my first deployment at FOB Todd (Bala Murghab – BMG), located in northwest Afghanistan, that I had the serendipitous opportunity to meet my husband, Zach Jacobs. At the time, he was dedicatedly serving as a JTAC, providing invaluable support to the 82nd Airborne.

Outside of my professional life, I find joy and fulfillment in embracing the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world alongside my loving husband and adventurous child. Together, we explore the great outdoors, create cherished memories, and believe in the transformative power and valuable lessons that nature offers. We are always planning our next outdoor escapade, eagerly seeking new trails and camping spots to discover. My aspiration is to motivate and encourage others to embrace the wonders of nature and embark on their unique outdoor adventures. 

Fueled by my passion for outdoor adventures, I am honored to serve as a dedicated board member of Warrior Revival. Our organization is driven by a profound mission: to uplift and empower current and former veterans, as well as their families, as they navigate the transition from military to civilian life.

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a robust and supportive network that fosters camaraderie, ignites a renewed sense of purpose, and raises awareness about the unique challenges veterans face during this transformative phase of their lives.

Together we will embark on a shared journey of growth, resilience, and shared camaraderie, leaving no veteran behind as they transition into the next chapter of their remarkable lives.


I am a Manufacturing Engineer at Albany Engineered Composites, specializing in resolving manufacturing-related issues and designing new parts using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to address the most difficult engineering problems. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science Engineering from the University of Utah College of Engineering, which I pursued while serving in the Washington Air National Guard. My educational journey began with an Associate in Applied Science in Information Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force, followed by an Associate of Science in Biology with honors from Salt Lake Community College.

Prior to my career in engineering, I served active duty in the United States Air Force from April 2006 to April 2012. During my time in the Air Force, I was deployed to Afghanistan on three combat tours, providing close air support to the US military and its NATO allies. I served as a jump-qualified Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) supporting the 82nd Airborne Division and 10th Mountain Division. Throughout Afghanistan, I was in charge of coordinating offensive air operations and leading armed intervention in hostile territories.

My experiences in Afghanistan were both challenging and rewarding.  All of my deployments were marked by intense combat engagements, including facing mortar attacks, improvised explosive devices, and close-range firefights. I received multiple medals and commendations for my service, including the Bronze Star Medal with Valor and the Purple Heart.

It was during my second deployment, at FOB Todd (Bala Murghab – BMG) that I met an Italian combat medic who would later become my wife.

After my active-duty time, I spent 10 years in the Washington Air National Guard. There, we conducted close air support (CAS) training throughout the US and abroad and trained our international partners across the globe on the use of CAS.

Coming from a family with a history of military service, I proudly carried on the legacy of my grandfather, father, and brother, all of whom served in various conflicts, including World War II, Vietnam, and Iraq.

 Throughout my military career, I witnessed the harsh realities of war and personally experienced its profound impact on both individuals and families. These experiences have fueled my passion to make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families during their transition from the military to civilian life.

Joining Warrior Revival allows me to combine my firsthand understanding of the realities of war with a deep desire to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those who have served. I am honored to be a part of this incredible organization and to contribute to the well-being of veterans and their families as they navigate their new path.

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