Our non-profit Veteran Organization, Warrior Revival is excited to host a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) ride for veterans in Utah. In partnership with UTV Utah and other community partners, this event will be held on a designated trail system that is approved for UTV’s at Eureka 5-mile pass. Our organization believes that this event will provide veterans with a unique and exciting opportunity to bond with other veterans, civilian counterparts, and to connect with nature, all while enjoying the freedom and adventure that comes with exploring off-road trails. The UTV ride will be open to all veterans in the community, regardless of their level of experience. Warrior Revival is committed to making this event as inclusive and accessible as possible, so we will be working with local veterans’ organizations to ensure that everyone who wants to participate can do so. In partnership with UTV Utah, we will be reaching out to owners of UTV’s to determine the number of seats available to offer to veterans who do not own their own vehicles or gear.

UTV Ride

During the UTV ride, veterans will be able to explore the trail system at their own pace, taking in the stunning views and stopping to talk to one another. Along the way, they will have the opportunity to stop and rest, take photos, and socialize with other veterans. Our organization will provide a lunch break, where participants can refuel and connect with one another.

Off-Road Warrior Revival

Overall, we believe that Off-Road Warrior Revival UTV ride for veterans will be a transformative experience for those who participate. It will provide veterans with a sense of camaraderie and belonging, as well as a chance to engage with the outdoors. We are requesting grant funding to help us cover the costs of equipment, supplies, and logistics, and we are committed to making this event a huge success for our community’s veterans.

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